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King's Lynn 1 Peterborough 3
4th May 1957
There was no end-of-season air about Saturday's evening match on the Walks which attracted the largest Midland League gate since the new stand opening.
Peterborough came to Lynn looking for their final two points and when Lynn found this out, the match developed into the best one on the Walks for several weeks.
Architect of Peterborough's win was "Thinman" Emery, but as a team Peterborough outclassed Lynn in every department.
Their forwards had speed and accuracy in shooting, while in defence, covering, tackling and distribution by the "Posh" left little to be desired. All in all, Lynn were beaten by a better team.
Yet there was hardly two goals difference, for Lynn seemed to have just as much of the play as the visitors, especially in the first half, but it was the same old story. Likely looking movements were ruined by square and backward passing, and wasted shooting opportunities. In midfield Lynn were Peterborough's equals, but they did not look dangerous at all compared with the go-ahead visitors.
For Lynn, Manning and Selkirk took the honours while Grant struggled hard to get the forwards working.
In the front-line, Williams, usually Lynn's most effective man was tied down by Douglas and only once had the beating of him.
Ryder on the opposite wing started as if he meant business but faded as the game progressed. The inside men were blocked right out by a rock-like half back line in which Rigby excelled.
Downie sent most balls the wrong way, Vickers might not have been playing for all the work he did while Lee had no chance against a far better man and gave up trying half-way through the match.
After a lot of juggling in the Peterborough goalmouth in the first minute when Walls had to save two weak shots, the ball was quickly at the other end of the pitch and Smith tried a long drive.
Then Downie from a Ryder pass shot over and Williams forced a corner.
Posh soon settled down and it was all Peterborough attack. The only times the ball reached the visitors' half Rigby with a big boot cleared it right back where it came from.
There was nothing outstanding in the half - just a couple of teams battling for possession with one having slightly the edge in football craft doing most of the pressing.
Then followed a praiseworthy effort which made even the referee forget himself and join in the applauding.
It started when Emery jumped up for a high ball with Manning. Neither of them gained it and the ball went out to another Peterborough forward and again Manning went up and this time punched it away.
Almost immediately Smith fired in hard and straight. With a dive taking him halfway across the goalmouth floating at about shoulder level Manning just held the ball. This half had been a case of give and take. Both teams giving of their best and taking a lot of knocks in a robust but never dirty game.
Smith beat three Lynn defenders soon after the restart before he slipped he ball to McNamee. EMERY was on the spot to flash the pass by the advancing Manning into the net. That was in the 48th minute and then the Posh really turned on the heat.
Manning, Heagren, Bannister and Selkirk all cleared off the goal line in about the time it takes to say "Denise the Menace" and this ten minutes all-out onslaught was somehow weathered by Lynn.
Then a 40-yard drive from Shaw which looked ear-marked for a goal.
Then Emery raised a cloud of white dust as his shot struck the base of the post.
Bannister took the ball up field drew a halfback and passed to Downie. After a short run, he winged it and there Williams beat Douglas, the only time in the match, and centred for LEE to tap in the equaliser in the 69th minute.
Both teams went all out for a quarter of an hour.
With six minutes to go EMERY shot from a narrow angle. Bunn apparently deflecting the ball past Manning. Lynn threw everything into attack unsuccessfully when the ball struck Heagren's hands in the penalty area. It was all over for Lynn EMERY scored his third from the spot.
Lynn: Manning, Selkirk, Bannister, Grant, Heagren, Bunn, Ryder, Downie, Lee, Vickers, Williams. Peterborough: Walls, Douglas, Jacobs, Shaw, Rigby, Stafford, Halls, Emery, Donaldson, Smith, McNamee. Attendance: 5,328
Report by permission of the Lynn News