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King's Lynn 7 Frickley Collery 1
5th March 1955
FOR a time at the start of Saturday's return League encounter with Frickley Colliery it looked very much as though Lynn would have their work cut out to get any goals at all. Successfully employing offside tactics the Colliery men foiled almost every move by the eager Lynn forwards and twice in the first twenty minutes goals were disallowed. With monotonous regularity the linesman's flag went up and the referee's whistle blew as Lynn players ventured into the Frickley half, prompting one spectator to shout "What have we got to do to get a goal?" and another to broadcast "You are all spoiling the match."
It certainly appeared that the game would be marred completely as time after time one or another of the Lynn forwards, and more often than not Ryder, was pulled up a matter of only yards over the half-way line. But gradually Lynn began to master the offside plan and in an inspired spell up to the interval they whipped in three goals to put themselves in a commanding position.
Frickley changed their style at the start of the second half and in a blinding blizzard they stormed to the attack giving the Lynn defence and Corbett, in goal, plenty of work to keep them warm. But the defenders, with Heagren and Bannister masterful in all that they did, were more than a match for the opposition and it way not long before Lynn resumed their goalscoring spree. How easy they made it look. With all the forwards taking a fair share of the honours, they outmanoeuvred the Frickley rearguard so complete', that the actual netting of the ball was the simplest part of the operation.
In fact. on one occasion Todd. Presented with the ball in front of goal, seemed almost reluctant to put it in the net. He turned to look behind at the goalkeeper and a defender. as if waiting to offer them another chance. before tapping the bail over the line, writes D.C.
So it was with. several of Lynn's second half goals. though it must he admitted that two appeared to have been offside. Nevertheless they were allowed, and with four more added to the first half total Lynn romped home 7-1 winners to complete their fourth Midland League double of the season by an aggregate margin of 10-2.
It was not a game to remember from the point of view of being high class. Frickley, apart from their early second half display, were always fighting an uphill battle, and after Lynn had broken down the offside plan, it became merely a question of how many they would score.
All the forwards netted proof tole large extent that it was a team success and not a one man triumph, and apart from the seven goals allowed,; Lynn netted another three times and then in the closing minutes missed a penalty!
For the success much of the credit must go to a solid half_ back line in which Robinson, Heagren and Comerford were outstanding. This combination has proved the best Lynn have had this term. They have featured in Lynn's other recent creditable victories.
Bannister and Corbett were good behind them, Bannister in particular showing "class" in all his play.
Of the attack its would perhaps he unfair to single out anyone for particular mention. They each played their roles well in the construction and carrying out of the goal- scoring moves. But the right wing were the more prominent by reason of the fact that more raids were developed on this flank, and it was fitting that Morris should have included himself on the list of goal scorers.

Ryder was Lynn's danger man, and after twice being checked in breakaways he succeeded in netting, only to have the goal disallowed for offside.
Bloomer, always working hard for the bail, and ever ready to have a go, also had a goal disallowed, and Todd turned a Morris cross narrowly wide, before Lynn got off the mark.
And then another through ball was collected by RYDER, who raced on to beat McManus. Ten minutes later Ryder almost repeated the move, but after side-stepping McManus he fired against the foot of a post. EDWARDS, following up. gained possession as defenders attempted to clear, and promptly shot the ball in. Lynn were well on top now and in the 40th minute RYDER received a perfect pass from Bloomer to make the score 3-0.
Best efforts for Frickley came from Smith. who was generally well held by Heagren. and Mellows.
The start of the second half coincided with a blizzard, and for ten minutes Frickley produced their best form of the match. MI-out to reduce their deficit, they attacked constantly, with Smith and skipper Hart the biggest worry to the home defenders. Corbett saved from Flynn near the foot of a post; Rowe made a timely interception of a shot by Hart which looked likely to find the net; then in quick succession Corbett dived to save from Smith and Flynn. The danger averted, Lynn resumed the offensive, and in the 57th minute BLOOMER, receiving from Edwards, made the score 4-0. Moments later McManus ran out to drive on the ball as Bloomer raced towards him unchallenged.
There was no holding Lynn at this stage and they left the Frickley defence hopelessly beaten to score :three more goals before the end. In the 66th minute Ryder beat all opposition' before squaring the ball! for TODD to tap: home; ten minutes later he performed the same feat, even to the extent of dribbling the ball round goalkeeper McManus, to give BLOOMER an easy chance; and then five minutes from time the ball was passed across field from left to right. leaving MORRIS unmarked to make the total seven. Between Lynn's last two goals, Frickley scored their well-deserved consolation goal. Kicking off after Bloomer's goal, they swept downfield without a Lynn player able to halt them and WILKINSON completed the raid with a well-placed shot.
Todd became the third Lynn player to have a goal disallowed, and then in the closing minutes Ryder was brought down in the area, the result being a penalty. But from the spot Bloomer shot the ball against a post. It rebounded and went to Ryder, whose snap return shot was well saved by the over-worked but very capable McManus.

Lynn: Corbett: Rowe, Bannister: Robinson. Heagren. Comerford: Morris. Todd. Bloomer, Ryder. Edwards.
Frickley Colliery: McManus: Goodison. Williams: Mellows Lee, Hart: Carom. Orange, Smith, Wilkinson. Flynn.
Attendance (excluding season ticket holders): 3.600.
Report by permission of the Lynn News