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Thetford Town 1 King's Lynn 3
6th April 1946
Visiting Thetford on Saturday, Lynn Town playing brilliant football, defeated the home side 3-1. There was plenty of "bone" in the ground and the players had a lively ball to contend with.
Lynn won the toss and the first incident of note was an attack on the Thetford left by Croxen and Allington, but Woodhouse cleared.
Thetford set a hot pace and the Lynn defenders were kept on their toes, Edwards continually bringing off many good saves.
In the ninth minute Thetford took the lead. Allington sent in a fierce drive which Edwards partly saved, but the referee awarded a goal.
Stung by this reverse Lynn attacked hotly through Baldwin and Corbett, but the latter's shot was cleared by Scott. Immediately afterwards Murray was in the limelight with a first rate pass to Newdick, only for Scott to distinguish himself again.
Lynn were now having more of the play, with Woodhouse and Moore frequently setting the forwards going. Lynn were warded a penalty, but to the crowd's amazement Baldwin shot by the post.
L. Woodhouse seized a long pass from Leake, and crashed in a fierce drive only for Scott to save cleverly, but Corbett, following up, placed the ball into the net for the equaliser.
Howell received a knee injury and left the field for a time. Makins fed Allington well, but Elflett charged the winger off the ball.
Half-time: Thetford 1 King's Lynn 1
Thetford resumed with Howell taking outside left.
Murray, showing clever ball control, continually fed Newdick, and these players were a constant menace.
Newdick's tussles with W. Vincent were much appreciated, especially by the Italian spectators. Wilson put Baldwin through and the winger sent a perfect pass to Murray, who made no mistake with his shot, and gave Lynn the lead.
Encouraged by this, Lynn had much of the play and their movements were first class, often having Thetford hard pressed.
Corbett met a centre from Baldwin and scored, but the point was disallowed owing to an infringement. Bullent then raced through, and Croxen, taking the pass, brought Edwards into action.
Murray again came into the limelight by fastening on to a loose ball and, beating four men, passed to L. Woodhouse, who left Scott helpless.
Moore received a bad knee injury and left the field.
The only other incident of note was a terrific drive by Clarke which hit the Lynn crossbar with Edwards unsighted, but the ball was cleared by R. Woodhouse.
Thetford: Scott, W Vincent, J Vincent, Jordon, Howell, Makins, Bullent, Clarke, Barnes, Croxen, Allington.
Lynn: Edwards, Elflett, Woodhouse, Wilson, Leake, Moore, Baldwin, Corbett, L Woodhouse, Murray, Newdick.
Report by permission of the Lynn News