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King's Lynn 1 Wisbech Town 2
17th September 1977

It wasn't so much Wisbech winning this FA Cup tie on their merits, more the Linnets giving it to them.

The Linnets failed quite dismally to put their game together and it was by far the worst performance this season.
Team boss Keith Rudd accurately summed it up: "We lost our way . . . we can play so much better than this." The fans and officials who have seen the majority of Lynn's games in the past month will know just how true that statement is.

To make it worse for the Linnets, the goals that put Wisbech into the next round were scored by two ex-colleagues in David Clarke and Malcolm Lindsay.

Their efforts mean that once again the Linnets and their fans will not be able to enjoy the taste of a fruitful FA Cup run. In successive seasons, Spalding, Boston FC and now Wisbech have delivered the knockout blow early in the competition.

Immediately after the game, Rudd told the LN and A: "With the cup being a one-off affair the onus was on us. We played it right at the start of the game, getting the ball wide and putting it behind the Wisbech defence.

"If we had got a goal then it would probably have been so different, Then we just stopped doing the right things and let Wisbech get into it."We lost our way. We got too involved emotionally and forgot all that we had planned and talked about.

"We had prepared carefully for this game and on Thursday worked hard at our set piece moves, but the way the game went you would not have thought so.

"Wisbech had a lot of the possession in the opening ten minutes of the second half, but they did not get in any shots or look like scoring. Suddenly, they managed to sneak one in.

"It all became too physical, something I was afraid of beforehand. I know we are capable of much better football than this - we have shown that already. I just hope that we can get this game out of our system by next Saturday.

Those early attacks Rudd mentioned clearly had Wisbech in trouble and Lynn were continuing the aggression they had shown against Bridgend. Good work by Easthall set up a couple of openings, with Moden having a shot saved by Ringwood's legs and then heading just over the top.

But with the first shot of the game, Wisbech took the lead. A corner by McManus was knocked back to him and his second effort was cleared by Adams as far as Clarke.
Standing just outside the area, Clarke controlled his shot well sending it over Farrow and dipping under the bar.

That was in the 11th minute - and less than 60 seconds later the Linnets were level. From the restart, McCullum sent the ball out wide to Algar on the left and he cut inside his defender before shooting in from fully 25 yards. Ringwood was also caught off his line as the ball flew into the top corner of the net.

It was Algar's first goal in senior matches for the Linnets and should have provided a tonic for the team. But apart from a few goalmouth scrambles when centres were put over, Lynn were not making Wisbech look so vulnerable at the back.

The game was played at a frantic place but the little order. Lynn's only other chance of the half came when a slip by Duncliffe allowed Rudd through but Ringwood was out quickly and managed to get his body in the way of the shot. There was anxiety in the Lynn defence when Farrow was left stranded after Stewart had robbed Sayward, but Wright was as cool and ever and stopped Stewart's shot on the line.
The half ending with McCallum being booked for an ankle tap on Hudson.

The second half opened with Wisbech showing the better composure and in the 55th minute they got the goal that was to be the winner.
Lynn were pulled apart when Wisbech attacked in strength on the left and when Clarke put over a centre, Lindsay met it on the 6 yard line with a classy header which put the ball low into the net past Farrow's left hand.

This time there was to be no reply from Lynn, although in the 64th minute a powerful run by Rudd into the Wisbech penalty area was only stopped by Malpass with a foul which the referee ruled to be obstruction.
The short free kick went to McCallum who sent his shot wide of the post.

Hunt was bought on for Algar, but there did not seem to be any method in Lynn's play.

Their best chance for an equaliser came three minutes from time when a when a free kick by Easthall was headed back across goal by Rudd. Wisbech had been pulled out of position, but with the net so invitingly close, Adams turned the ball wide when perhaps McCallum was better positioned to have a go.

Lynn: Farrow, Rider, Johnston, Saywood, Wright, Adams; McCallum, Easthall, Algar (sub Hunt 70); Rudd, Moden.
Wisbech: Ringwood, Winters, Duncliffe, Feary, Malpass,' Clarke, Hudson, Newell; McManus, Stewart, Lindays; (sub Shales).
Referee: J Barkes (Spalding)
Attendance: 1,093
Report by permission of the Lynn News