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King's Lynn 4 St Neots 0
22nd September 1956
St. Neots came to Lynn Walks on Saturday and in the first half showed Lynn how to play football. They looked like repeating March's performance of the last two years - knocking Lynn out of the FA Cup
The "Saints" were twice as quick on the ball and the Lynn forwards never, in. the first 45 minutes, worked together. On the resumption, Lynn improved somewhat but it was still impossible to tell which was the Midland League team. Very, very slowly, Lynn began to look like winning, and 12 minutes after the interval Edwards scored Lynn's second. Within eight minutes Ryan and Downie had added two more. St. Neots should never have been four goals down, and seldom will Lynn win a match with such a convincing score, playing so unconvincingly.
If this neat, smart-moving team is a sample of the Central Alliance League, that is where the Lynn Reserves should be. A few games in that league, and they should be prepared to replace the first team en bloc in the Midland League if necessary!
Of the players only one emerged with any credit
Of the players. on one emerged with any credit George Patterson. His directactics were the sole worry to the Saints defence in the firs half, and he 'laid on" all Lynn's three second half goals. Ironically, he was the only Lynn forward not to score. His asset was the surprise movement. When everyone was expecting him to return the ball out to the wing, he cut in and switched a system which baffled the visitors and produced two Lynn goals.
The player who had his "off" day on Saturday was Johnny Downie. He has seldom put up such a bad performance. In the first half, everything he did went wrong, passes in particular. Shots were wide, tackling weak. Second half improved a little, but he still wasn't the Downie the home supporters are used to.
Lynn kicked off but St Neots had the first chance to score. R Medlow, one of the two amateurs in the side shot down the right wing like a bullet, and centred but Duffett missed a good chance to score.
Then Lynn had a chance when Edwards, on the touchline passed out to Downie who shot over.
St. Neots were having most of the play and Duffett shot, but it was punched out by Crookes. The visiting right- winger worked his way through the line but his shot trickled inches by the goal- post. Crookes having failed to contact.
Speedily, and with short, sharp passes, St. Neots attacked time after time but stumbled against a defence which was having to work overtime.
Dryburgh nearly scored a surprise goal when, from a free-kick, his lob was pounced on by amateur goalkeeper Benson, right on the goal-line. Then Benson held a drive from Grant - Lynn's best scoring attempt so far.
The crowd were getting a little hostile towards Lynn - and a few boos and slow hand claps crept into the general noise. Simultaneously, several home players seemed to despair. Obviously they too were more than disappointed at the way they were playing.
Then, with all Lynn forwards in the wrong positions, Grant in the penalty area passed to DRYBURGH who was unmarked and he scored Lynn's first in the 39th minute, right against the run of the play.,
This seemed to waken Lynn up a little and for the first time- they began to play like a Midland League club. St. Neots defence were more than equal, however, and gave nothing away.
Soon after half-time Edwards, shooting at goal laid out the referee. It was a pity, for he was one of the best we have seen at the Walks this season. He went on the line for ten minutes but returned without any effects.
Grant tried with one of his long shots, but this time lifted the ball over, Then Downie actually had a shot on target and Dryburgh shot just wide. This looked better.
Grand work by Patterson ended when he lifted the ball over the heads of two defenders and EDWARDS headed In Lynn's second in the 57th minute.
The same player centred for DOWNIE to score a good goal three minutes later, placing the ball right in the corner of the net.
There was a period of sustained Lynn attack and Patterson was instrumental in making Lynn's fourth goal when he pushed the ball through to RYAN who completed the scoring after 25 minutes of the second half.
Lynn had confidence now and class began to show. As St. Neots faded, so the football in Lynn glimmered.
The home team were swinging and using the ball better, most passes finding the man they were intended for. Most, that is, except for Robinson. His tackling was a delight to
Watch. But his passing!
It was from one of his misdirected passes that a smart St. Neots right-wing move sent started, but this ended when Lee shot wide.
Dryburgh, Robinson and Downie all went close in the dying minutes of the game. but there was no further score.
Lynn: Crookes; Neal, Bannister; Robinson, Henderson, Grant; Patterson, Ryan. Edwards Downie. Dryburgh.
St. Neots: Benson; Richardson, Adams; Cowell. Kelly, Taylor; Thurston, Medium, Lee, Duffett, Whiffln.
Referee: C. W. Jenkins, Norwich
Report by permission of the Lynn News