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King's Lynn 4 Chatteris 2
24th September 1955
Saturday's F.A. Cup results provided several surprises, not the least of which, was Lynn's remarkably narrow victory margin over Peterborough League side Chatteris at the Walks. Perhaps Chatteris are now regretting having come to Lynn for this match. They were drawn with ground advantage, and on the face of what happened at the Walks it is conceivable they may have eliminated Lynn from the competition on their own ground, just as they had accounted for Cambridge United a fortnight earlier.
The levelling influence of the Cup was again in evidence - at least that is what most local supporters will prefer to think after such a pitiful display by a full Midland League side. From start to finish Lynn showed only a few isolated instances of skill worthy of the status they have now achieved.
For the greater part of the time they dillied and dallied, made shockingly bad passes, and in front of goal ran into constant trouble because they persisted in too much close play. There was always the impression that they wanted to walk the ball in, and against a team which knows how to cover its goal and boot the ball clear, it was inevitable they would not get much success this way.
Hartnett and Todd were the pick of a not very impressive Lynn attack, and it was Todd who achieved the greater success. He alone seemed to have the right ideas, and without the openings he created for Harrison to score twice, and the two goals got himself. Lynn would have been in a pretty sorry state.
It was not until after 22 minutes' play that Lynn succeeded in finding the Chatteris net and then it was Todd who provided a perfect opening for Harrison to score easily from close range. Earlier Chatteris had come close to taking a surprise lead when Whitaker headed back but past Crookes who had come out, and the ball went tantalisingly close to going in. However. the shock of a Chatteris goal was not far away, for eight minutes after Harrison had scored, Savage, the Chatteris left-winger, receiving a pass from Young, cracked the ball low through a crowd of players into the Lynn net.
The second half followed much the same pattern - Lynn doing most of the attacking, yet failing dismally near goal. Todd made several openings from one of which Merrill smartly cleared a shot from point-blank range by Downie.
The rather inevitable came, however, in the 64th minute when Robinson and Todd combined cleverly for Todd to give Harrison a chance which was readily accepted.
But once again Chatteris hit back, and within two minutes had reduced the lead. Adams, their county inside-right, made a determined solo run, and after forcing his way through, scored with a good shot.
Almost direct from the restart Todd went through to score the best goal of the match, beating Merrill with a fast rising shot taken on the run.
But that was the end of the scoring, though Robinson and Harrison each struck the crossbar during a spell of improved play against a tiring Chatteris team, Merrill was not to be beaten again. Lynn: Crookes; Henderson. Bannister; Robinson, Whitaker, Bunn; Edwards, Todd, Harrison, Downie, Hartnett.
Chatteris:. R. Merrill; L Allen, W. Salisbury; L. Howard, D. King, G. Wild; E. Lowe A. Adams, G. Young, N. Taylor, T. Savage.
Referee: Mr. C: H. Pegg, Cambridge. Attendance: 4,282.
Report by permission of the Lynn News