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Custom House 4 King's Lynn 0
25th January 1908
King's Lynn visited London on Saturday and lost to Custom House is the second round of the Amateur Cup competition.
Custom House is is on the G.E.R  about two miles from Stratford. and the ground is near the Royal Albert and Victoria Doors. The team is a young. smart. go-ahead side. and robustness at times takes the place of science, The defence is exceptionally good.
The appearance of the playing area was in contrast to the pretty surroundings of the Walk's field at King's Lynn. and the playing area did not strike! one as being a very good one. It was such as to prove an advantage to the home club.
A hundred people travelled from Lynn by the special train.
There was only a fair "gate." Lynn opened smartly, and within the first minute Ransome dropped a beauty.
The, Custom House were commendably quick on the ball, and their forwards often developed a dangerous attack
Dines distinguished himself by saving on two occasions, Lynn continued to hold their own and a fine piece of combined play by Martin; Ransome and Dines nearly led to the downfall of the Custom House goal. Benefer missed the chance of the day.
Lynn maintained their attack for two exciting minutes, but nothing tangible resulted. Play was not of a high order, and its general evenness was varied after a quarter of an hour, when the Customs men muddled through a fluky goal from a crowd of players.
After this rebuff, Lynn seemed to become more accustomed to the ground and clearly enjoyed the best of the game, experiencing much hard luck in not scoring.
Presently a hot scrimmage ensued, and Bannister shot nicely, his effort being soon afterwards succeeded by a stinging shot from Ransome's boot.
At the other end Prince was playing a fine game his centring being much admired. Taylor and Dines maintained a fine defence.
A fine run by Chalkley ended in a singularly weak shot. The keenness of the Lynn play caused Geggus to be repeatedly called upon, and many of his saves were magnificent, especially one from Benefer.
Taylor succeeded in clearing an almost certain goal, Chamberlain stopping from Cummings.
Rodwell spoilt a daring attempt by Corbett when right in.
Ransome immediately afterwards drop a beauty, and Martin also tried his foot, but all the shots were saved by Geggus.
The condition of the ground still handicapped the play of the Lynn boys, and play was on the whole even, both sides attacking in turn. The Lynn players were plucky, but it must be stated frankly that the team were not at their best. The great point in their favour was the safeness of their defence.
CUSTOM HOUSE            1
LYNN                                0
Lynn restarted strongly, and Martin, Ransome and Long had several tries at the net. Benefer unfortunately lost a nice chance.
Corbett skimmed the bar:
Lynn once more attacked, but the Custom House got clear.
A bad blunder by the Lynn backs gave Corbett a clear opportunity of which he availed himself, scoring a good goal
The Londoners now overwhelmed Lynn for fully ten minutes, and Cummings scored a third goal, while Lynn were appealing for offside.
After this there was some even play, and Martin had hard lines with a good shot.
Cummings put. on a fourth goal a few minutes later.
The Custom House men proved themselves to be the better right to the end of the match, which they won -
CUSTOM HOUSE            4
LYNN                                0
The gate amounted to £12
Source: News & County Press