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King's Lynn 3 Wellingborough 1
28th September 1946
After an opening half in which skilful approach work by the forwards of Lynn Town and Wellingborough had been spoilt by weak finishing, Lynn Town woke up to the fact that goals get the points, at the Walks on Saturday.
At one time it had appeared more than possible that Wellingborough would emulate Rushden in taking points from the Walks, but suddenly in the second half came three goals in as many minutes. Two of these scored by Lynn were netted by Robertson, the player coach, and the other for Wellingborough was scored by Joell.
Till then it had appeared anybody's game, but once Lynn had got the lead their success was assured.

Losing the toss, Wellingborough kicked off facing the strong sun, and with long sweeping passes they opened up the game, Hudson being twice called upon to clear in the early stages. Murray and Grantham appeared to have got away, but the centre-forward was held to be offside.
A few minutes later the centre-forward, with only Olney to beat, was charged as he shot and the ball went wide. The visitors' defence were speedy tacklers and they put paid to many promising movements. Newdick was put away by Robertson, but after beating two defenders he mis-hit the ball when Olney came out to tackle.
Supporters' hopes were raised when Robertson took a free kick from just outside the penalty area, but Olney, who dropped the ball behind him, managed to recover it before it crossed the line. Grantham hit the 'keeper with a hard drive.
Twice Lynn's defence was opened up by the Wellingborough forwards, and Hudson did well to hold stinging shots from Hustwait. At the other end Grantham tested Olney with a cross shot and a ground drive.
Rogers was presented with a golden opportunity, but with only Hudson to beat, the left winger ballooned wildly over the bar. Robertson forced Olney to go full- length to a shot just inside the post, and Thompson had bad luck when his header hit the top of the bar with Hudson beaten, Fine inter-passing between Murray and Corbett resulted in a centre which Newdick met first time, but Olney managed to block his shot.
Lynn attacked strongly after the interval and Robertson put in two shots that Olney had to push round the post for corners. Grantham was six inches wide of the upright when Olney was unsighted, and at the other end Hudson was lucky to reach a shot from Hustwait that Sillis diverted.
The half was 20 minutes old when a fine passing movement gave Robertson the chance he had been awaiting to crash the ball into the net. From the kick-off Murray secured the ball, swung it over to Newdick who slipped it back to ROBERTSON who banged the ball into the net while Marchant was trying to indicate to the referee that he himself had handled it in the penalty area. Wellingborough went down from the kick-off and JOELL put over a well-placed dropping shot which Hudson attempted to catch, but the ball entered the net off his chest, the sun having caused him to misjudge his catch. GRANTHAM increased Lynn's lead when he avert through to score while the visitors' defenders were appealing for offside.

Lynn: N. Hudson; F. Sillis, F. J. Fakenbridge; J. Wilson, C. Wells, A. Burnett; B. Murray, J. Corbett, N. Grantham, J. Robertson, H. Newdick.
Wellingborough: Olney; Marchant, Dixon; Kilsby, Hawtin, Shelton; Joell, Jones, Hustwait, Thompson, Rogers.
Attendance 2,300
Report by permission of the Lynn News