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King's Lynn 1 Norfolk and Norwich 3
11th March 1882
The final tie for the above cup was played off Saturday between the Norfolk and Norwich and the King's Lynn clubs. The match took place at the Lakenham ground, and some very fine play was witnessed by the large number of spectators who had been attracted to the ground by the announcement of the contest. At the commencement opinion was strongly in favour of the Lynn team, composed of picked men, and including two such athletes the brothers L. K. and C. J. E. Jarvis; but the Norfolk and Norwich team played with so much dash and vigour that their opponents were utterly disconcerted.
The result was that Norfolk and Norwich won three goals to one. The toss for choice of position was won by Norfolk, and the ball was put in motion by Lynn. Soon after the start the Norfolk goal was seriously threatened by a good corner kick from Jarvis, who placed the ball well in front of the goal, but the Norfolk backs were at once on the spot and soon sent the leather back again to the centre. Very quickly after this E. M. Hansell made a rush and landed the ball in front of the Lynn goal, through which it was sent by Taylor. Some very fast play ensued and both teams proved themselves in splendid form. Norfolk again, by a rush, managed to secure the second goal, kicked by Cubitt, and half-time the game stood: Norfolk and Norwich two goals to love.
A third goal was scored by the same team — Taylor placing the ball, which had been cleverly passed him by Hansell; and after this the Lynn men redoubled their efforts. C. J. E. Jarvis passed out to his brother, who made his way to the Norfolk end and middled finely, when, after determined struggle, Leeper shot the ball past Bunnett, and secured the only goal for Lynn. During the latter half the game the Norfolk team was weakened by the partial disablement of E. Hansell and Cubitt; but, notwithstanding several good attempts were made, failed to score - Selwyn and Taylor shooting over and W. E. Hansell, striking the post. On the part of Lynn some excellent play was exhibited, notably by L. K. Jarvis, who only failed to score through falling on the ball.
The umpires were Mr. G. Quint, of Aylsham and Mr. A. N. Ollier, of Lynn, with the Rev. H. W. Wimble, of North Walsham, referee.
The teams were constituted follows:
Norfolk and Norwich. — H. G. Bunnett (goal), W. T. Hubbard and W. H Rawlinson (backs), C. W. Foster and E. P. Mack (half-backs), A. B. Taylor (captain;, and C. J. Muriel (left wing), W E.Hansell and G. A. Selwyn (centres), and E M. Hansell and H. Cubitt (right wing).
King's Lynn. — C. Dennis (goal), W. C. N. Woodham and M. T. Nuccoll (backs), T. Bullock and J. Rutter (half-backs), L. K. Jarvis (captain), and C. J. E. Jarvis (right wing), W. Smith and, H. J. Powell (left wing), B. Leeper and G. Reddie (centres).
Source: People's Weekly Journal as recorded in the British Newspaper Archive