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AverageHighest AttendanceLowest Attendance
Ashton United 251285South Shields 29/09/20209Bamber Bridge 06/10/20
Atherton Collieries 372420Ashton United 13/10/20301Bamber Bridge 20/10/20
Bamber Bridge 353450South Shields 10/10/20240Gainsborough Trinity 27/10/20
Basford United 312401Scarborough Athletic 27/10/20257Stafford Rangers 20/10/20
Buxton 365427Scarborough Athletic 13/10/20288Stafford Rangers 03/11/20
FCU of Manchester 470600Lancaster City 20/10/20547Nantwich Town 19/09/20
Gainsborough Trinity 404594Witton Albion 17/10/20421Stalybridge Celtic 20/10/20
Grantham Town 207231Atherton Collieries 26/09/20182Matlock Town 20/10/20
Hyde United 498600FCU of Manchester 29/09/20305Lancaster City 03/11/20
Lancaster City 198200Morpeth Town 29/09/20196Basford United 26/09/20
Matlock Town 477532Ashton United 10/10/20444Basford United 29/09/20
Mickleover Sports 317425Grantham Town 24/10/20207Witton Albion 29/09/20
Morpeth Town 202403Grantham Town 19/09/20403Grantham Town 19/09/20
Nantwich Town 395520Stalybridge Celtic 26/09/20301Mickleover Sports 03/11/20
Radcliffe 418500Gainsborough Trinity 24/10/20342Bamber Bridge 13/10/20
Scarborough Athletic 600600Whitby Town 20/10/20600Whitby Town 20/10/20
South Shields 360600Mickleover Sports 19/09/20300FCU of Manchester 27/10/20
Stafford Rangers 544595Ashton United 19/09/20457Atherton Collieries 27/10/20
Stalybridge Celtic 339409Buxton 10/10/20259Morpeth Town 27/10/20
Warrington Town 411476Radcliffe 17/10/20273Whitby Town 03/10/20
Whitby Town 323387Grantham Town 10/10/20264Ashton United 03/11/20
Witton Albion 377443Atherton Collieries 24/10/20246Basford United 03/10/20

Total 31,743     Average 370
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