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King's Lynn in the FA Amateur Cup
Lynn first entered the Amateur Cup in 1897 and competed in 39 campaigns until they turned "professional" in 1948.
Season 1897-98
Round Date Opposition F-A
2Q30 OctWisbech Town A5-3 Orviss 2, Holdroyd, Murrell, GoodrickAET
3Q20 NovNorwich CEYMS A2-1 Holdroyd 2
4Q11 DecSudbury Town H4-0 Holdroyd 2. Murrell, Sneath
1R29 JanOld Malverians A0-3
Season 1898-99
Round Date Opposition F-A
2Q29 OctLowestoft A1-0 Girton
3Q19 NovYarmouth A0-2
Season 1899-00
Round Date Opposition F-A
2Q28 OctLincoln LindemH6-1  Hornigold 3, Goodrick, Holdroyd, Winearls
3Q18 NovBoston United H5-2 Hornigold 2, H Smith, MacDonald, Orviss
4Q09 DecWhitwick H3-2 H Smith, Holdroyd, MacDonaldAET
1R20 JanThornaby UtopiansH3-0  Hornigold 2, Orviss 
2R03 FebCrook Town Hw\o
3R24 Feb Bishop AucklandA 1-4 Hornigold 
Bishop Auckland went on to win the Cup
Season 1900-01
Round Date Opposition F-A
1R19 JanLowestoft TownH2-1  Spaulding, J Stephens
2R09 Feb Bedminster St FrancisH 4-2 H Smith 2, Horsley, Naylor
3R23 FebHarwich & ParkestonH3-1  H Smith 2, Holdroyd
S-F16 Mar Ealing- 1-0  MacDonald Played at Lakenham, Norwich
Final06 AprCrook Town-1-1  MacDonaldPlayed at Dovercourt
13 AprCrook Town -0-3 Played at Ipswich
The Lynn team that played in the final which took place on 6thApril 1901 was: Gay, Haylock, Girton, Reed, Stevens, Sporne, Orviss, Holroyd, MacDonald, Horsley, Smith.
MacDonald got the equalising goal for Lynn in front of a 4,000 crowd.
In the replay the following week the same team took to the field although there were some positional changes. Apparently Lynn were never in it and Crook missed a penalty and had a goal disallowed. The match was played in appalling conditions - not helped in that the game immediately followed a Norfolk & Suffolk League match between Ipswich and Yarmouth Town. There were 1,500 in attendance and Lynn wore black arm bands in memory of former player Arthur Murrell who had died that week.
Season 1901-02
Round Date Opposition F-A
1R18 JanKirkley H2-0 W Martin 2
2R01 Feb Old MalverniansA 0-3
Old Malvernians went on to win the Cup
Season 1902-03
Round Date Opposition F-A
1Q11 OctNorwich CityA0-5
Season 1903-04
Round Date Opposition F-A
1R23 JanIlford A0-5 Abandoned 51 min fog
30 Jan IlfordA1-5  W Martin
Season 1904-05
Round Date Opposition F-A
2Q29 OctPeterborough LocoH4-2  W Bannister, Dines, Lowings, S Stevens
3Q03 DecKirkley A1-3 W Bannister
Season 1905-06
Round Date Opposition F-A
Pre23 SepCromer H5-1 G Martin 3, Benefer, Hornigold
1Q14 OctPeterborough LocoA1-1  S Stevens
21 OctPeterborough LocoH4-3  S Stevens 3, G Martin
2Q04 NovNorwich CEYMS A3-1 G Martin, S Stevens, W Bannister
3Q25 NovLowestoft A2-0 G Martin 2
4Q16 DecRomford H1-1 G Martin
23 DecRomford A1-3 G Martin(pen)
Season 1906-07
Round Date Opposition F-A
Pre22 SepPeterborough LocoH2-0  Benefer, Ransome
1Q13 OctYarmouth H3-1 G Martin, Ransome, Long
2Q27 OctCromer H4-0 Benefer, G Martin, Ransome, Long
3Q17 NovIpswich H4-0 Long 2, G Martin, S Stevens
4Q15 DecLeytonstone H3-0 Ransome, Benefer, S Stevens
1R05 JanDulwich HamletA1-3  Benefer
Although Lynn were drawn at home the match was played at Dulwich as the Lynn ground had been closed by the Norfolk FA because of crowd trouble
Season 1907-08
Round Date Opposition F-A
1R04 JanKirkley H3-0 Long 2. G Martin
2R25 Jan Custom HouseA 0-4
Season 1908-09
Round Date Opposition F-A
1R09 Jan KirkleyH 2-0 W Bannister, L Easter Reported  as 3-0 in some cases
2R23 Jan LeytonstoneH2-2  S Stevens, L Easter
30 Jan LeytonstoneA1-2  MacDonald
Season 1909-10
Round Date Opposition F-A
1R08 JanNorwich CEYMSA1-4  Hills
Season 1910-11
Round Date Opposition F-A
1R07 JanBarnet Alston AthleticA1-5  Ransome
Season 1911-12
Round Date Opposition F-A
2Q21 OctCromer A3-5 Davidson 2, W Bannister
Season 1912-13
Round Date Opposition F-A
2Q19 OctYarmouth TownH3-1  G Martin 2, Basham
3Q09 NovNorwich CEYMSH1-0  G Martin
4Q07 DecCromer H2-2 G Martin, Howard
21 DecCromer A0-1
Season 1913-14
Round Date Opposition F-A
1Q04 OctCambridge A0-3
Season 1914-15
Round Date Opposition F-A
1Q21 NovHuntingdon H1-0  Goodson
2Q05 DecLynn St NicholasH3-1  Goodson, Pegg, Earl
1R02 JanYarmouth Town?1-3  W Bannister
Season 1919-20
Round Date Opposition F-A
3Q01 NovLynn St NicholasH2-0  W Bannister, Goodson
4Q22 NovCambridge TownH3-0  W Bannister, Rippengill, Bettinson
1R03 JanLeiston Works AthleticA1-2  Rippengill
Season 1920-21
Round Date Opposition F-A
2Q16 OctLynn St NicholasH2-0  Meyer, Portfleet
3Q30 OctCambridge TownH3-0  M Massingham, Meyer, Love
4Q20 Nov SheringhamH3-0  Love 2, Meyer
1R01 JanLeiston Works AthleticH4-2  Love 2, Meyer, EarlAfter Extra Time
2R15 JanBoots AthleticH3-1  Earl, Meyer, Harbage
3R12 FebLoftus AlbionA0-6
Season 1921-22
Round Date Opposition F-A
1R10 DecIpswich TownH3-3  Dawson 2, Portfleet
17 DecIpswich TownA0-3
Season 1922-23
Round Date Opposition F-A
1Q30 SepWisbech TownH4-2  J Easter 2, Love 2After Extra Time
2Q14 OctBury Town H1-0 Legget
3Q28 Oct HuntingdonH6-1  M Massingham 2, Easter 2,  Clithero, Jackson
4Q25 NovCambridge TownH1-0  Love
1R09 DecWycombe WanderersA4-6  Jackson 2, Portfleet, J Easter
Season 1923-24
Round Date Opposition F-A
Pr29 Sep GodmanchesterA5-4  Jackson 2, Terry 2, Featherby
1Q13 OctWisbech TownH4-0  Featherby, Corbett, Portfleet, Earl
2Q27 OctNewmarket TownA0-2  
Season 1924-25
Round Date Opposition F-A
1Q11 OctNorwich YMCAA3-0  Nicholls, Osborne, o.g 
2Q25 OctYarmouth TownA3-2  Osborne, Veal, Terry 
3Q22 NovCromer A0-4   
Season 1925-26
Round Date Opposition F-A
Pr26 SepMarch GER A4-0 Osborne, Kirk, Portfleet, Thaxter 
1Q10 OctSt Neots A5-2 Thaxter 3, Veal, Kirk 
2Q24 OctCity WanderersA3-4  Osborne 2, Thaxter 
Season 1926-27
Round Date Opposition F-A
Pr25 SepLynn UnitedH4-1  S Smith 2, Terry, Nooth 
1Q09 OctLynn St NicholasH10-2  Pearman 4, Osborne 3, Veal, Terry, J Easter  
2Q23 OctYarmouth TownH2-5  Terry 2 
Season 1927-28
Round Date Opposition F-A
1Q08 Oct Diss  H6-1  Bassingthwaite 2, Pearman, Marshall 2,  Portfleet  
2Q22 Oct  GorlestonA2-5  Pearman, Portfleet 
Season 1928-29
Round Date Opposition F-A
1Q06 Oct HuntingdonA3-1  Waterson, Pearman, Portfleet 
2Q20 OctAbbey UnitedH2-1  Waterson, Osborne 
3Q10 NovGorleston H2-2 Portfleet, Osborne 
17 NovGorleston A0-2  
Season 1929-30
Round Date Opposition F-A
2Q25 OctWisbech TownA6-2  Waterson 2, Osborne 2, Marshall 2 
3Q08 NovChatteris H4-1 Marshall 2, Waterson, Osborne 
4Q22 NovSt Ives A1-1 Fakenbridge  
29 NovSt Ives H2-0 Marshall, Pearman 
1P13 DecChesham A2-3 Waterson, Osborne 
Season 1930-31
Round Date Opposition F-A
2Q25 OctWarboys A3-3 Osborne, Raper, Wix 
08 NovWarboys H3-6 Osborne, Raper, Hill 
Season 1931-32
Round Date Opposition F-A
1Q 10 Oct Newmarket A 2-1  Waterson, Pearman  
2Q 24 Oct Wisbech A 1-0  Wix  
3Q 07 Nov St Ives A1-3 Waterson  
Season 1932-33
Did not enter
Season 1933-34
Round Date Opposition F-A
1Q07 OctWymondham H3-1 Britton 2, S Smith
2Q21 OctThetford A1-2 S Smith
Season 1934-35
Round Date Opposition F-A
2Q20 OctWymondham A2-1 Britton 2
3Q03 NovYarmouth TownH1-3  Reynolds
Season 1935-36
Round Date Opposition F-A
1Q 12 Oct Wymondham H 9-0  Reynolds 3, Mitchley 3, Fakenbridge, Sizeland, Porter
2Q 26 Oct Norwich YMCA H4-0  Illingworth 2, Sizeland, Mitchley
3Q 09 Nov Norwich CEYMS H 3-1  Reynolds 2, Fakenbridge
4Q23 NovGorleston H4-1 Pearman 2, Sizeland, o.g.
1R04 JanIpswich TownA1-6  Illingworth 
Season 1936-37
Round Date Opposition F-A
4Q21 NovGorleston A1-2Thomas
Season 1937-38
Round Date Opposition F-A
4Q20 NovCrittals AthleticA1-7  Mitchley
Season 1938-39
Did not enter
Season 1945-46
Round Date Opposition F-A
1Q27 Oct LakenheathA5-3  R Woodhouse 2, Baldwin 2, Fakenbridge
2Q10 Nov LeistonH 9-0 Newdick 3, R Woodhouse 2, Bladwin 2, Wilson 2
1R19 JanCambridge TownH4-1  Murray 3, High
2R02 FebHitchin TownH3-5  Murray 2, Moore
Season 1946-47
Round Date Opposition F-A
1Q12 OctCromer H5-0 Wells 2, Grantham, own goal, Fakenbridge
2Q26 OctThetford H4-3 Newdick, Ibbs, Sillis, Corbett
3Q09 NovGorleston A4-2 Ibbs 2, Newdick, Fakenbridge
4Q23 NovHitchin TownA0-8
Season 1947-48
Round Date Opposition F-A
Pr 11 Oct Cromer A 3-0  Rippen 2,Pearce
1Q18 OctThetford A0-3