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Trust Rules


7. The members of the Society are the people whose names are entered in the register of members.

8. The first members are the people who sign these Rules in applying for registration.

9. Membership is open to any person firm or corporate body who or which:

a. is a supporter of the Club; or

b. has an interest in the game of football in the Area and is in sympathy with the objects of the Society;

c. agrees to be bound by these Rules and Rule 6 and Rule 106 in particular

The Society Board shall have power to refuse membership to any person who does not in the opinion of the Society Board meet these requirements.

10. Every member holds one share in the capital of the Society.

11. The Society Board will decide and issue a form of application for membership. Members are to pay an annual subscription (or for such longer period as the Society Board shall decide) of such reasonable sum as the Society Board shall decide, the first payment to be made at the time of application for membership. The sum of £1 from the first payment shall be applied to purchase a share in the Society.

12. The Society Board will have power to offer associate or affiliate status with or without payment or subscription to corporate or unincorporated bodies which support the aims of the Society, and may recognise that a share in the capital of the Society is held on behalf of any unincorporated organisation but no-one shall be entitled to vote at any general meeting of the Society who is not the registered holder of a fully paid up share in the Society.

13. The Society Board shall have power to offer a class of junior membership with or without payment to minors under the age of 16 but no person under the age of 16 shall be entitled to a share in the society or be entitled to vote at any general meeting of the Society.

14. No person under the age of 18 may be an officer of the Society.

15. A corporate body or firm which is a member may by resolution of its governing body appoint any person it thinks fit to be its deputy and revoke such an appointment. A copy of any such resolution signed by two members of the governing body and in the case of a local authority by the authorised officer of the Council shall be sent to the Secretary of the Society. The deputy will be entitled to exercise all rights of membership on behalf of the corporate body including seeking election as an officer and speaking and voting at any general meeting. References in these Rules to a member being present in person include members which are corporate bodies being present through their deputy.

16. No member may hold more than one share in the Society either individually or jointly.

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