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Trust Rules


23. The members have the rights and powers available to them under the law relating to Industrial and Provident Societies and are to decide in particular the issues specifically reserved to them by these Rules.

24. The members may by a resolution carried by not less than two-thirds of the members voting at a general meeting or by a vote proposed by the Society Board on the Website but not otherwise give directions to the Society Board. At least 14 days notice of the proposed vote shall be given on the Website and a minimum of 25% of the members shall require to vote in order for the vote to be effective. The following provisions apply to any directions given:

a. Any direction must:

i. be consistent with these Rules and with the Society’s contractual, statutory and other legal obligations; and

ii. not affect the powers and responsibilities of the Society Board, Chief Executive and Executive Board under Rules 26, 27 and 28.

b. Any person who deals with the Society in good faith and is not aware that a direction has been given may deal with the Society on the basis that no direction has been given.

25. The functions of the annual general meeting shall include:

a. receiving:

i. the revenue account and balance sheet for the previous financial year; and

ii. a report on the Society’s performance in the previous year;

b. appointing:

i. financial auditors;

ii. auditors of any other aspect of the performance of the Society;

c. electing officers of the Society.

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