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Trust Rules


54. Where:

a. the Society Board considers that a significant issue has arisen which should be determined by a resolution of the members of the Society; or

b. the Society Board proposes to put a resolution at a general meeting of The Club.

the issue or the form of the resolution shall be determined by a postal ballot of the members of the Society conducted in accordance with such procedure as the Society Board shall determine subject to the following principles:

  • i. Notice of the ballot shall be given to each member of the Society in the same way as notice of a meeting is to be given;
  • ii. The notice must set out clearly the issue to be decided and contain the full text of any resolution to be put to be put at a general meeting of The Club;
  • iii. Sufficient information must be provided to members to enable an informed decision to be made; and
  • iv. The date by which voting papers are to be returned must be clearly stated.

In any case where a postal ballot is appropriate the Board may make such provision as it thinks fit to to permit notice of the ballot to be given and voting to be conducted by electronic means.

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