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Trust Rules


26. The Society Board is to ensure that the business of the Society is conducted in accordance with these Rules and with the interests of the community and in accordance with any relevant Statements of Best Practice published by Supporters Direct, and may appoint and supervise the Chief Executive and the Executive Board. The Society Board:

a. may exercise all the Society’s powers which are not required by these Rules or by statute to be exercised by the Society in general meeting;

b. may delegate any of its powers to committees consisting of such of its own number (and others, provided that Society Board members remain in a majority on such committees) as it thinks fit who shall, in the function entrusted to them, conform in all respects to the instruction given to them by the Society Board. The following provisions apply to any such delegation:

i. The Society Board may retain or give up the right to deal itself with issues delegated;

ii. Any delegation may be revoked and its terms may be varied;

iii. The proceedings of any sub-committee shall be governed by the rules regulating the proceedings of the Society Board so far as they are capable of applying;

c. may call upon the Chief Executive and/or Secretary to report or procure a report in writing upon any aspect of the affairs of the Society;

d. shall appoint and dismiss the Chief Executive and other members of the Executive Board and the Secretary and decide and fix the terms of their employment and have power to act in place of the Chief Executive or the Executive Board where they cease to act or are unwilling or unable to act;

e. shall approve the policies or strategies to be followed by the Executive Board and all budgets and other financial plans;

f. shall determine from time to time the categories of transaction which require the approval of the Society Board.

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