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Trust Rules


107. Officers are entitled to be indemnified by the Society against all costs, losses and expenses which they may reasonably incur in discharge of their duties, including travelling expenses, and the amount for which such indemnity is provided will immediately attach as a charge on the property of the Society.

108. No officer is to be liable for any loss happening to the Society through the execution of the duties of their office, unless the loss be the consequence of their own dishonesty or gross negligence. Subject to the provisions of the Act every officer is to be indemnified out of the assets of the Society against any liability incurred by him or her in defending any proceedings, whether civil or criminal, in which judgment is given in his or her favour or in which he or she is acquitted or in connection with any application in which relief is granted to him or her by the Court from liability for negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of Society in relation to the affairs of the Society.

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