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Trust Rules


30. The Society is to have a Secretary who shall be a member of the Society and whose functions will include:

a. acting as Secretary to the Society Board;

b. attending all meetings of the Executive Board;

c. acting as Secretary of any subsidiary company or society of the Society;

d. summoning and attending all general meetings of the Society and keeping the minutes;

e. keeping the register of members and other registers required to be kept by these Rules;

f. monitoring the conduct of the Society’s affairs to ensure that it is conducted in accordance with these Rules;

g. arranging for members of the Society Board to obtain independent legal, accounting tax or other professional advice if he or she considers it appropriate;

h. publishing to members in an appropriate form information which they should have about the affairs of the Society;

i. preparing and sending all returns required to be made to the Registrar.

31. The Secretary shall not be a member of:-

a. the Executive Board;

b. any board or committee of management of any subsidiary company or society of the Society.

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Application of Profits
Removal of Members
Rights and Powers of Members
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Chief Exec. & Executive Board
General Meetings
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